The app to measure quality of
Intensive treatments

Intensive treatments

Intelligent survey applicability system

The software features a very flexible and configurable survey selection system. Based on the different combinations of facts such as pathology, treatment and episode phase the system can autonomously select which questionnaires are to be scheduled next.

Patient episode management

All captured data revolves around a patient's episode. An episode may have different events, for example an intake, treatment or follow up. The system is smart of enough to schedule new events automatically relative to other existing or planned events.

Monitoring features

The platform is equipped with several features that allow an authorized user to follow up on both patient and medical specialists response rate and empowers them to act accordingly when data is incomplete or missing.

More features


The export engine allows you to precisely select what data you want to be exported in a variety of well-known formats.

Configurable surveys

You can decide which questionnaires, bespoke or not, you want to schedule for any given event and who should fill them in.

Automatic reminders

Based on your configuration, the system will send automatic reminders when the deadline for entering data is about to expire.